So what is a subscription adventure game anyway, and how does it work?

Well, it is an ongoing adventure where you get a box in the mail every month that has a mission that is unique to that month. You will get puzzles and ciphers and some backstory and then have to solve things to complete your mission for the month. You will also get some artifacts with it which we think will be cool keepsakes to remind you of the experience. The CRAAAFT uses characters from folklore to create unusual stories that unfold as you solve the puzzles inside. One of our goals is to introduce you to some pretty fascinating characters that you may or may not know. If you are so inclined, you can research them and find out more about the stories that define these creatures, but that isn’t necessary to solve the game. As the conclusion of the game, you also have the option to go into the CRAAAFT library and read a little more about the characters you have encountered that month.

This is a family-friendly experience, but based on the challenge level of the ciphers and puzzles, it is probably best suited for teens and older. If you have a younger child who is an avid puzzler or just whip-smart, (which, if you are into puzzling, is pretty darn likely) give it a go and see if s/he/they enjoy(s) it. You can puzzle solo or in groups. It is nice to make it a friends and family kind of thing, but if you prefer puzzling it through it on your own, we are here to be your Madmen and Heroes Friends and Family! Our packages ship the second week of the month so if you signed up before the 1st, you should get your package shortly. If it was later than that, you will start your experience next month.

That is about it – there is some more detail in the FAQs, but if you have a question, concern or random thought, please send it to [email protected].

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